About Me

Hi, I’m Sherri! I’m married to Russell, have a toddler named Ryan, and our "first born," our dog, Buddy. We moved in October 2015 to Wilmington, NC.  Originally, Russell and I are both from right outside of Virginia Beach, VA, and that is where ALL of our family is.  We moved to Memphis, TN, in November 2012, and then to Wilmington, NC, in October 2015..  And no, we are not a military family, although our frequent moves may say otherwise.  Russell has just gotten lucky in the job promotion department with his company.
My blog is best-known for being a lifestyle blog... following my little family, my love for health and fitness, and a little bit of everything in-between.
I work full-time in marketing and my husband (on top of working full-time) is studying for his MBA.  So you guessed it... I am pretty much always all hands on deck, balancing a full-time job, being a wife, mommy, keeping my house from falling apart, trying to eat right, and squeeze in workouts in not enough hours in the day :)  
And, some randoms about myself: I love the color combo of navy and yellow. To help you understand, those were the colors of my wedding and now my son's nursery.  My husband and I are also HUGE Notre Dame fans (stemming from a long line of Irish roots on Russell's side of the family).  We head up to Indiana at least once a year to catch a football game and we DO NOT MISS game day on during football season.  You will catch us around town on a college football Saturday all decked out in our gear (Ryan and Buddy too).

Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting my blog and hope you enjoy reading about my crazy day-to-day life.