Friday Favorites | Toddler Survival Guide for Road Trips

Friday, May 20, 2016

Thanks to Katie and Heather for the link-up!

Today at 4:30pm, I get to put my out-of-office message on and kick back for over seven days and get some much needed R&R.  Sun, sand, beach, and outlet malls are calling my name.  

In order to get to our cottage we rented at OBX, we do have to endure a 4.5hr car ride with our toddler that is deep into the "terrible twos."  Granted, a 4.5hr ride is much more doable than when we lived in TN, and had 15hr rides... but if you are a mom or dad and have a toddler, even a 10 minute drive to the grocery store can seem too long.

How are we going to survive?  Here are some of our essentials:

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1. Skip Hop Backpack - We pack this bag with Ryan's books, phone, cars, doddle, and wow water book.  It keeps everything in one place and we had the bag right beside Ryan so that he could reach and grab what he wants.  

2. Thermos insulated cups - Normal toddler cups do not keep Ryan's juice, water, or milk cold long enough. But our Thermos cups are a different story. I can fill that bad boy up and his milk stay cold for hours. Plus, it holds a ton, so I don't have to refill too many times.

3. Melissa & Doug Wow Water books - Ryan loves coloring but there is no way I am giving him crayons and markers in my car yet. These are the next best thing. You put water in the pen and he can "color" the pages.  The water turns the pages into color.  It's "practice" coloring and safe for my dear car. When the pages dry, the color disappears and he can start all over.

4. iPad Car Headrest Mount - This has been probably one of the best items we used.  We uploaded some Mickey Mouse episodes and some movies and it is always a winner in long car rides.  We don't let him watch a ton of TV at home, but then again, he also is too busy running around... but the car is an exception.  He can't run around and gets quickly bored/uncomfortable so this is a luxury for him to watch endless amounts of his favorites. Oh, and it helps with mommy and daddy sanity by limiting tantrums.

5. Mini Magna Doodle - Another version of "coloring" that we use.  The mini magna doodle is a perfect travel size and helps provide some distraction.  We also use it to play games.  I draw pictures and Ryan gets to guess what it is and laugh.

6.  Zoli Snack Cups - I use this to keep all of Ryan's snacks separated into individual servings and lets me bring several different types of snacks.

That's a wrap! Can't wait to share pics once we get back.