I bought stock in Lysol

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I would love to jump back on the blog and tell you that life lately has been smooth sailing.  If I did, then it wouldn't be describing the Schwartz house.

I bought stock in Lysol (actually I didn't...if I had money to waste, then I totally would and probably should). But, I did buy tons of Lysol wipes and spray and have been sanitizing every square inch of my home.

Why?  Ha! Let's see:

  1. Ryan ended up with the flu
  2. Same day Ryan ended up with the flu, I had to be tested for it but I just had something that was exactly like it except for fever
  3. Ryan's lasted 5 days... mine - 2 weeks and counting
  4. Oh and I broke out in an allergic reaction (to who knows what)  this weekend and looked like a character on The Walking Dead 
Granted there have been some good days that were squeezed in there and I did manage to snap some pictures to prove that we were alive and well.

As you may notice, I am in none of these pictures.  Which simply means, I was hacking like an 80-year-old chain smoker and looking pretty scary.  I did you a favor.

It seems like the good man upstairs has taking sympathy to me now, as I am finally coming around. So, you may see my face (whether you like it or not) on the blog soon.