Toddler + Medicine = World War III

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Dear Mary Poppins,

I would like to know the reason/science/method for "A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down..." While I am sure you are very hands-on and kids love you, you have never met my kid. 

A spoon full of sugar does not help the medicine go down.  Neither do syringes, enticing him with sugar/sweets, approaching him like its fun, shooting it in the back of his throat, letting him play "doctor" and do it himself, feeding every single stuffed animal the meds so that he sees its a-okay.... NOTHING.  I thought I could rely on Google to provide solutions that work... nope.

Heck, I even took someone's advice to shoot it towards the back/side of their mouth and blow in their face... I wish I could have caught that on camera.  

Stop feeding us mommies those cute little lies.

I am pretty sure, Ms. Poppins, that if you came to my house, it may change your whole mantra.  What you would see is a kid who locks up tighter than Alcatraz and chokes it up and spits it out just when you think you got even just 1 ml in.  You'd see him run away faster than a convict escaping prison and scream loud enough for the whole neighborhood to assume World War III has started at our house. 

Nothing works and I am starting to think my child likes being sick and running fever for five days in a row.  That, or he just really enjoys seeing if I will meltdown right along with him. 

Ms. Poppins, if you have any other magic solution, enlighten me.


The mom who has tried and failed every method Google has provided