Life lately

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

So, it's safe to say I broke my resolution to blog more consistently already. I never expected 2016 to start off with a huge explosion of life drama.  If you remember anything about my last post, within a month, my grandfather was diagnosed with progressive cancer, my mother-in-law's Lyme's Disease illness got much worse and she isn't doing well and my dad had a heart attack.  Right after I wrote that post, I then got a call that my dad's sister had a stroke.

I think my drama filled life would out perform any NBC, ABC, or CBS drama on TV right now. 

On top of that, my new job (since moving to Wilmington, NC, in October) has been excellent but very, very busy.  Balancing that fast-paced career and continuing my love for blogging has been a challenge this year.

A lot on my plate is an understatement.  

But, the blog is not going away... I am just continually learning to balance my time...always a work in progress.

Now, let's focus on the positives though... because there have been plenty.  And, I am sure you want to catch up, right?

Here have been some snapshots of the happy moments recently and I am going to try to caption them in three words or less, since I am sure you are over reading all of my text :)

Mommy's too competitive


Mastering the hunt

 "Hi bunny... okay mommy, i done" 

(Exact words from this experience...bunny, you did not impress Sir Ryan)

Happiest kid on the block

When you live at the beach...

The Master of ignoring you

Human sticker canvas

Spring Festival fun

(side note: every outdoor festival needs a kids play area)

Quality GiGi time

Aquarium fun


Gone fishing

It's hard to see the sunshine sometimes when you are caught up in some pretty dark storms.  The best medicine for me has been our little family and making every moment count with Ryan. If not, I would be insane right now... true story.