Weekend Recap | Mama Sherri

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Somebody please tell me why my toddler thinks it is okay to call me "Mama Sherri" now? And, don't you dare correct him or he will start screaming it with pride.

Last night, he paraded around our house yelling "Mama Sherri" just beaming, knowing darn good and well what he was doing, and not caring at all about it. Oh, the adventures of the terrific twos/terrible twos/tenacious twos.

In other news, we did have a great weekend over here, even if it was a bit chilly.  My mother and sister came into town for a girls weekend, although Ryan did join us in a lot of our adventures.

There was some shopping (and Ryan trying to hide in the clothes and yell "boo."), there was a dinner out on the town (where Ryan decided to run his race cars off the table and yell "boom" and laugh), and then there was a movie without Ryan where we dined on popcorn and wine.  Yes, wine!  #everymovietheaterneedswine

It was glorious.

And, as much as Ryan was crazy, funny, and wore us out, we certainly wore him out too.  So much in fact, that he tried to fall asleep a little earlier than normal, clinging on to the window for a very nice dramatic effect.

Then, as quickly as our nice and long weekend came, it went and everyone quickly left.  

I did get to try an awesome new product out this weekend too, which I am sharing on my blog this week!  So, stay tuned!