Weekend Recap | Starting a new routine

Monday, December 7, 2015

Happy Monday!  I am linking up with Katie for my weekend recap!

This weekend was just what the doctor ordered.  A lot of R&R.  I started my new job last week, which is going well, but it definitely has me re-thinking my schedule a little bit.

I have to fight a lot of traffic in my morning and evening commutes, I am barely making it to daycare in time to pick Ryan up before I get fined, and then have to come home and cook a meal.  It's getting harder and harder to get Ryan to bed on schedule and has me considering some changes.

What changes you might ask?  Well, right now I am starting to cook (or freeze) all of my meals for the week on Sundays so that I don't have to do anything but warm it up when I get home or open the crock pot lid.

We shall see how that goes...

If that doesn't help, which I know it should, then I am back to the drawing board...

Now, to reflect on my weekend in pictures:
Ryan and I took Saturday morning selfies.  He's getting pretty good at it.

Our neighborhood had a Christmas party for the kids, so Ryan got the see Santa and do arts and crafts.  He absolutely loved it and was not scared of Santa at all.

He was fascinated by the big kids.  

We wrapped up the weekend with a trip to the mall for the "official" Santa picture.  We waited too late in the day and Ryan was over it.  He was nice enough to offer his milk in his cup to Santa, but he was not about having his picture taken.  Note to self for next year: do not try this in the evening.

At least he wasn't screaming due to purely being terrified.  That's a plus.  

Now I am off to the grocery store to cook/freeze all of my meals for the week and buy a new vacuum since my Shark finally bit the dust after seven years.