Weekend Recap | Let it Go

Monday, December 14, 2015

Happy Monday!  I am linking up with Katie for my weekend recap!

This weekend went by exactly as I expected it would.  It involved running store to store getting all of my Christmas shopping done, chasing a crazy toddler around stores while people looked at me like I was a bad parent, and then wrapping all of the presents (and thinking about wrapping my son and giving him away as a "present" too).

Just kidding about the very last part of that... maybe...

I would have taken a TON of pictures capturing our weekend experiences but every single time I pulled my phone out, Ryan wanted me to play the song "Let it Go" on my phone.  So obviously there are very little pictures to show you from the weekend.  Except this one:

And, this is the only one that made the cut because he was just so darn proud to find a horsey he could ride.

After that, no pictures were allowed because my phone was too busy playing "Let it Go."  I guess Ryan finally jumped on the Frozen bandwagon.  Confusing thing is, he has never seen the movie but he knows the song.  Daycare must be playing it during music time because all I know is, he came home one day and started belting out "Leee itttt goooooo."

It's a catchy tune too, because I found myself singing "Let it Go" in my head the whole time I was in the stores chasing down a toddler that refused to get in the shopping cart and thought he could run sprints down aisles.

I had to bribe him with some random snack treats I found down an aisle in order for him to semi behave.  I say semi very loosely here.

So, how was your weekend?!