Weekend Recap | I have a 2-year-old!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Happy Monday!  I am linking up with Katie for my weekend recap!

I hope you had a great Christmas, I know we sure did.  On top of Christmas, our little boy turned TWO And, because we took a bazillion pictures of both events, I am going to separate my weekend recap post into two posts.  Today's will be on Ryan's birthday, and tomorrow's will be on Christmas.

We started his birthday with his huge birthday surprise.  He got a train table! He shouted "OOOOh!" when he saw it and played all day with it.

We had family arriving that day to spend Christmas with us, so once they arrived we headed out to our party for Ryan.

We had an "Oh-Two-dools"event for Ryan's birthday, and if you follow Mickey Mouse Clubhouse like we do, then you know exactly what I mean.  Ryan is absolutely fascinated by Mickey.  If he is watching he will not hear a word you are saying even if you are squatting down at his level, right in front of him.

So, it was only fitting to have a Mickey themed event.  Because we just moved to Wilmington, NC, we haven't made any friends yet and Ryan hasn't made too many either.  For that reason, we kept his birthday very small and it only included our immediate family and friends who were staying with us for Christmas.  Ryan didn't mind, he had loads of fun.  (And momma didn't mind because it was cheaper!)

We took Ryan to Chuck E. Cheese's, not knowing if he was quite big enough but it did not disappoint.  Ryan had an absolute blast.  Heck, and even the adults did.  My husband was challenging everyone in the building to a basketball shoot-off in one of the basketball games they had.

We all got pizza, drinks, cake, and plenty of tokens.  It ended up being a competition on who could win the most token tickets.  

When it was time to open presents, Ryan loved his potty!  While he isn't fully ready to dive in hard on the potty training, he is telling us when he goes and what he does, so we are easing in to it.

It was such an awesome day.  Spending it with my two-year-old laughing and playing was awesome.  Nothing beats watching your child experience pure joy.  

Catch ya tomorrow for my Christmas recap post!