Tis the season

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Christmas season is my favorite time of year.  I love the meaning of Christmas and the way my house looks all decorated is so warm and cozy.  Now that Ryan is older, I am love watching him get so excited over Christmas as well.

Ryan was born two days before Christmas, 12/23/13, so naturally, he is my best Christmas present ever.  Obviously, that year, he really didn't enjoy Christmas.  His favorite part was being swaddled and sleeping.  Last year, with Ryan being one, I thought he would get into it a little more.  But, he didn't care about the tree or lights...just the boxes from presents.

This year is a different story.  He is obsessed with every Santa Claus or "Ho Ho" he sees.  He dances to all the Christmas songs and he was enamored with our Christmas tree or "Quimas Twee" while I was decorating it.

He even jumped at the chance to help mommy.

He was so proud of himself and has declared that the tree is "Ry Ry's Quimas Twee."

Seeing how excited and "in" to Christmas he is this year is so much fun!  I remember how much fun Christmas was when I was a young child, and watching it through his eyes is even better.  We even have a new guest who has joined in on our holiday prep.... Elf on a Shelf!

Ryan has formally named our elf "Ho Ho Elf" (original, I know) and every morning we go on a hunt to search for where Ho Ho Elf is.  While he likes Ho Ho Elf, he still doesn't understand/or care that the elf is there to watch if he is being bad or good and report back to Santa.

We are still working on that.

As of now, Ryan has allowed Ho Ho Elf to watch him throw tantrums, take items off the tree and throw them, try to climb on tables, etc.  He is not presenting a good case to Santa right now, haha.

And while we are still working on the naughty and nice list, I can't wait to continue through these next three weeks teaching Ryan all of the Christmas songs and doing holiday arts and crafts.

It's the most wonderful time of the year!