Friday Favorites | 12.18.15

Friday, December 18, 2015

Thanks to Katie and Heather for the link-up!

I can't believe we are just 1 week away from Christmas Day!  What I am even more blown away by.... I will have a two year old on Wednesday.

I am not prepared.  I find myself staring at Ryan more and more while we are getting closer to his birthday, just trying to hold on to as much of his "little-ness" and "baby-ness" as I can.  I am so amazed by him every single day and I love the fact that he is at the age where we can have conversations but it has just all flown by way too quick.

I think I am in partial denial.

In other news, sorry I have been a bit MIA lately.  This week has been extra busy with work and meetings that by the time I get home, I crash.  I am starting to think my New Years Resolution is going to be for me to hold myself more accountable to my blog.

Just a thought...

But, I am giving you a heads up, I will be blogging some next week but I will be with my family Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Now, on to my Friday Favorites of the week:

Story of my life with a toddler:

You don't know how angry this (below) makes me!

Need a last minute idea for the 2-yr old?

I am pretty sure you have everything for your toddler for Christmas, BUT if you were anything like me this year and are scrambling for a few extras, The Wise Baby has some great ideas! (Here)

This was written for me:

Have a wonderful weekend!  My dad is coming in for the weekend and then starting next week, my mother-in-law, father-in-law, mom, and sister come in.