Weekend Recap | Taking advantage of some sunshine

Monday, November 9, 2015

Happy Monday!  I am linking up with Katie for my weekend recap!

This weekend, we had one day that was all sunshine and no rain.  So, we took advantage of it.  Good thing we did, because the rain started again yesterday and it is showing no signs of stopping today.  I am now, officially, considering getting a jon boat to make it out of my yard.  Who knew I was moving to an area where I would be able to fish from my house?

But, to get back on how awesome the weekend was...  Where we live, we are just about 20 minutes from four different beaches.  Since it was 80 degrees Saturday, we decided to go to Southport, NC, and explore that beach and check out the scenery.  It did not disappoint.

Not only was it gorgeous, but they had the best eatery, Fishy Fishy Cafe.  I had the best fish tacos ever and they played Bob Marley and Jack Johnson music the whole time.  I was so relaxed, I wanted to move in.

The only things missing were our bathing suits since it was 80 degrees.  Russell even laughed at my cotton ball white legs when I put on my shorts.  How kind of him.

Ryan's favorite part?  The fact that there was a stretch of benches and swings lined up at the water that you could sit and swing on.  We actually spent 20 minutes testing all the swings out. Ryan's orders.

Borrowing mama's shades.  They look better on him anyway.

 Swing testing. 

Ryan enjoyed Fishy Fishy Cafe.  He was introduced to Bob Marley's music and it was a hit.  He jammed to "One Love."  Nice choice, Ryan. 

Like father, like son.  

Now, just two days later, we are carrying umbrellas and in long sleeves.  What?!  This weather is all shades of crazy.