The time-out corner on Halloween

Thursday, November 5, 2015

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I think my child may be the only toddler to get be sent to time-out about 10 minutes into trick-or-treating.

Since our move, Ryan has been acting out a bit more lately.  I get it.  His whole world has been rocked.  And while I have been very patient with his behavior, I can't condone all ridiculous behavior.

Case and point: Halloween.

Ryan decided he wanted nothing to do with listening to me and wanted to play Frogger with the cars.  Mister big and bad gave me five good minutes before things turned south quickly.  As soon as we stepped out of the house, our neighbors across the street were out too.  They have two girls Ryan's age, so we ran over to introduce ourselves and try to make friends.

Instead, Ryan started showing off and tried to run away, down the middle of the street by himself.  Great.  After a quick sprint to catch up and bring him back to earth, he was at it again, running away.  Now, my neighbors think I have no control over my child.

After a stern talking to (in front of our neighbors to prove we do discipline our child), we attempted to trick-or-treat with our neighbors and managed to make it five houses.  Victory!

The one time he managed to listen and walk down the sidewalk. But then he started running and fell into a fire ant pile.  Just our luck.

Shortly after this above photo was taken, he took off again.  This time, I was done.  We quickly and quietly scurried down the road to our house where Ryan immediately made friends with the time-out corner.

I am starting to think we need a leash for this kid.  I am not against being that parent right now.

I am pretty sure our neighbors went home that night and told their girls they can never play with Ryan Perry Schwartz ever.  Darn it.

We have definitely entered the "defiant" stage of toddler-hood.  Everything is dramatic and every question/direction is answered in "No!"  I loath leaving the house and going shopping with him.  It would be like watching a clip from the movie Problem Child.  And, I haven't quite gotten comfortable disciplining in public.  Certain disciplinarian actions don't phase Ryan and that makes it hard to get him to listen.

I have tried ignoring, he thinks that is funny.  I won't even attempt a hand pat as I don't need CPS called.  Time-out does seem to work, but how do you do that in public?  Put him in a corner in Walmart?  Ha!

Oh, the wonderful stages of toddler-hood and the perks of parenting.

I love my son, I love my son, I love my son, I love my son ...

(But he did make a cute Notre Dame football player didn't he??)