Friday Favorites | 11.6.15

Friday, November 6, 2015

Thanks to Katie and Heather for the link-up!

While not too much in my day-to-day has been super impressive (unless you count unpacking boxes), there have been a few highlights that have happened since the move took place last week.  

So let's uncover my semi-impressive Friday Favorites of the week:

I worked out

That is a favorite because if you saw what I was eating during the move you would be begging me to work out.  My first run in over a week involved lots of moments where I wanted to just flat out faint.  It was tough.  All of the Chick-fil-A was crying out of me.  

Ryan's dance skills

Because they just keep getting better and better...

Monkey has joined our family

We have a new family member, and his name is Monkey.  Monkey came to our family from the Wilmington Fair.  I, somehow, convinced Russell to waste five dollars and shoot some darts at balloons to try and win Ryan a stuffed animal.  Ryan chose a monkey that he immediately named "Monkey."  So original.  

However, this monkey doesn't exactly look like one.  It's like a hybrid of a monkey face on a squirrel body, and it's face is uneven.  (What do you expect when you are at a fair.)  But to Ryan, he is our newly beloved family member.

Speaking of fair

We went to the fair last weekend and it was Ryan's first time at a fair and first time riding rides!  He was ecstatic to ride the Merry-go-round and Choo Choo train.

Holding on to Monkey for dear life.

I don't know what our weekend plans are yet.  If we can make it without rain (highly unlikely) and find a new desk for our office, I will call it a success.