Weekend Recap | When the beat drops...

Monday, October 19, 2015

Happy Monday!  I am linking up with Katie for my weekend recap!

Have you ever found yourself shopping in a store, hear your jam, and start singing or semi dancing?  Ryan has!  Except, he took it to the next level, jumped on a rug, and rode it like a horsey.  This kid...

Ryan has hit the "dance party" phase.  Whenever he hears some good tunes, he always breaks out in a jig.  Good thing he has his mama's dance skills.  Although, I am slightly concerned he may end up like this kid when he is older:

As long as there is no lifting of a shirt in a sports complex like the kid above, we may be okay.

In a weekend recap, we didn't end up at Zoo Boo because we went furniture shopping instead.  I know, it's so much more fun.  We did buy a new kitchen table, coffee table, and end tables, much more exciting for the parent than the child.

So, now Zoo Boo has been moved to next Saturday, for a family-filled last day in Memphis before we are greeted with movers.

Ryan did manage to make the most of furniture shopping though.  I mean, he did have a dance party!

Shoot, he even got to test out some chairs.

And some mattresses.

He even stopped to high-five Dada along the way.

Oh, and throw his stunna shades on.

You know your toddler had run when you haven't even left the parking lot yet and look back to see this:

So what's up for our last official week in Memphis?  I have a goodbye dinner with my coworkers tonight, canceling services all week, and a goodbye party with our church small group Friday night.  Starting Sunday, the movers will be packing us and we pull out on next Tuesday.  

Ready, set, let's do this!