Weekend Recap | Here come the Irish!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I am coming at you a day late on my Weekend Recap, simply because I had yesterday off and I needed to veg out on my couch and catch up on my shows.  My mother was in town all last week and then Russell and I flew to South Bend, IN, to cheer on Notre Dame, so I needed a bit of "me" time.

Side note: We are two weeks away from moving!  Let the stressing, excitement, sadness, nerves, and frantic last minute prepping begin!

How did the game go?  Notre Dame won...duh!  Actually, it was a great game and we played Navy, a team with deep history and respect with Notre Dame.  Don't you just love how I said "we" like I was part of the team.... #hardcorefanproblems.

Russell's dad and mom came on the trip with us so it was truly a Schwartz filled event!

Here are some shots from this weekend:

Day 1: Stadium Tour

With Russell's mom.

Day 2: Game Day

Best seats in the house!  Four rows from the field.  

Schwartz clan.

A couple that plays together, stays together.

Meanwhile, back at the home front, Ryan was enjoying his time away from mama and dada.  

Thanks son, we missed you too.

Up for this week, training my work replacement, job searching, and starting to call and cancel services....  Things are starting to get real!