Ryan's Favorites: Books, balls, bikes, oh my!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

It has been a little while since I have caught everyone up on what some of Ryan's favorites are right now.  At 21 months old, a lot has changed as he is continuing to develop more and more into a little boy, and less as mama's baby.  (As I shed tears thinking about that.)

But I do have to admit, this is an absolutely fun stage.  He is all boy and then some.  He loves to play on the playground, throw dirt, eat dirt (we are still working on that), throw balls, and just be outside.  He is also at the stage where he likes certain shows and certain toys must be carried everywhere he goes.

Here is a list of his current favorites:

one | two | three | four | five

1.  Toddler Sports Balls

If he can throw it, Ryan wants it.  He is 100% into throwing or kicking sports balls right now.  He gets so proud of himself and the boy definitely has an arm!  Now the only thing to do is teach him not to throw them in the house.  You can obviously find them anywhere, but Nerf has a three-pack that is great for the little guys and gals.

2.  Anything Chuggington

Through Netflix, I stumbled upon a cute train cartoon called Chuggington.  Thomas the Train kind of freaks me out a little bit, but Chuggington is adorable.  I let Ryan watch one episode and he was hooked.  There is a local toy shop that sells the Chuggington wooden train tracks and figurines, so Ryan has started collecting the characters.  We are getting him a train table for Christmas, so I can't wait to see him use his Chuggington figurines on the tracks.  The show used to come on Disney Jr. but I don't think it is on there anymore, but if you have a Netflix account, check it out.  It is such a hit in our house and Ryan dances to the theme song and tries to sing it.

3.  Trucks App

I don't let Ryan use my iPad or iPhone too much, but I am not going to lie, it's a lifesaver when we are out at dinner, traveling, etc.  I heard rave reviews on the app Trucks, and it hasn't disappointed.  Ryan loves playing with all of the trucks and finds it hilarious to make them crash into each other.(Foreshadowing of him as a future driver?)  It only costs $1.99 to purchase and it has saved us on countless trips out to dinner.

4.  Radio Flyer Scoot 2 Pedal

Ryan adores his bike and as soon as we get home from school, he grabs it and takes it for a spin in our driveway.  He is proud of his bike.  The Radio Flyer Scoot 2 Pedal has been great for him because the pedals fold in for him to scoot around and once he is ready, they pop out for him to use as a bike.  We have been working with him on the pedals but he hasn't quite grasped the concept of using the pedals.  It also has a trunk on it and he loves putting his milk cup or toys in the trunk when he takes it on a spin.

5.  Play-a-Sound Books

Ryan still loves his books.  In fact, he has to have at least two in bed with him, a few in the car, and at least one in his hand everywhere he goes.  I am not complaining one bit because I absolutely love how he enjoys his books.  Lately, he has really enjoyed any play-a-sound books.  Because he still loves Mickey Mouse, we have several Mickey Mouse Play-a-Sound books that follow him around the house.  Shoot, he woke up at one point in the middle of the night last night and I heard music coming from his baby monitor because he was sitting up hitting the buttons. Ha!

Are there any favorites your toddler has right now?