Friday Favorites | Saying Goodbye

Friday, October 23, 2015

Thanks to Katie and Heather for the link-up!

Today is a bittersweet day.  It's my last day with my FTN Financial family before next week's move.  My marketing department that I have worked with have been my Memphis family and sisters to me.  

When I came to Tennessee three years ago, we didn't know anymore.  I got pregnant shortly afterwards and Russell's new position immediately had him traveling.  It was hard to feel "settled" and it felt pretty lonely.  

It wasn't until I started with FTN Financial, three months after we moved, that I really started cheering up.  I was working with four other talented women and we were the marketing group in charge of a 500+ person company.  We didn't outsource anything...we did everything.  Brochures, videos, advertisements, websites, etc., we were the gals.

These women have become my family and have taught me so much along the way.  Today will be a hard day for me... having to say goodbye.  

I mean, this awesome group took me out to dinner at Babalu's in Memphis and gave me a send off that involved a bottle of Tequila and fireworks! (Oh, and if you are ever in Memphis, you must go to Bablu's.)

Wilmington, NC, you have some big shoes to fill! 

My posts will go on a temporary hiatus next week.  The move beings early next week and won't have Internet until the following Monday, Nov. 2.  I can't wait to come back with news on the move and pictures of the house.  I also have some interviews lined up when I arrive, so fingers crossed a job offer is soon!