Friday Favorites | 10.2.15

Friday, October 2, 2015

Thanks to Katie and Heather for the link-up!

I had to double-check my calendar today, because I cannot believe it is October!  September was just the ultimate blur, and with our move just three weeks away, I am pretty sure October will be too.

The stress of working and planning has definitely caught up with my body because Wednesday I left work with a 102 degree fever and was bed-ridden yesterday.  I did manage to drag myself to the doctor yesterday to be told I had a nasty viral sinus infection.  I swore, based on the body aches I had the flu, but thankfully that wasn't the case.

A nice sinus cocktail shot to the butt and a z-pack later and today I am back to work and moving around with a tad more pep to my step.

Oh, and have you ever had a sinus cocktail shot???  When we were in Virginia, no doctor offered them, but in Memphis, that's the thing you get.  I guess since allergies are so bad here, they are offering cocktail shots to the butt for everyone.  And that little sucker works pure magic.  It's like the superman of all medicine that makes you feel 500 times better in just a few short hours.  

In other news, three more weeks until we move....THREE!  I am extremely excited because I love our new home, but I am still on the job search.  So, if you live in Wilmington, NC, and you are hiring (or know someone who is) HIRE ME.  Puh puh please!  I have over eight years of marketing and communications experience and over four years of sales experience.  Oh, and I am the coolest person you will ever meet...maybe.

Here are some of my Friday Favorites from the week.

Sunday's Pizza Night

Mama cheated and didn't cook Sunday night, so we made it a veggie pizza night.  Ryan, being the creative little booger that he is, decided to turn his pizza crust into a phone and I captured the best pic of it.

Best Teacher Present Ever?

This is the most honest present I have ever seen. I am contemplating on giving this to Ryan's teachers on his last day of daycare before the move.  You can get any bottle of wine and just buy the personalized labels on Evermine (here).


Best description of my daily struggle.  Spot on.

Fall Soups

Fall is probably my favorite season.  Not just because of college football and pumpkin spiced lattes, but also because I love soup!  I am totally ready for the nice large pot of chili!  Check out these 14 soup recipes (here), because I know I am!

Source: PopSugar

And now, here's to hoping the day flies by!  My mom (GiGi) is coming into town for the week, and will arrive this afternoon.  She turns 50 on 10/6, so I am excited she will be here to celebrate her huge milestone, spend quality time with Ryan, and help watch him next weekend when Russell and I head to Notre Dame for a football game!  She will be here over 10 days and I haven't had that much time with her since our beach vacation in May!


What are your weekend plans?