Weekend Recap | Where did this energy come from?

Monday, September 28, 2015

Happy Monday!  I am linking up with Katie for my weekend recap!

We had a fantastic weekend in the Schwartz house.  Nothing too eventful happened!  That's exciting since the past several weeks have involved travel or work conferences.  The weather couldn't have been more perfect and that totally helped us out since we had to leave our house a lot for showings.

So what do you do with a toddler who has more energy than we know what to do with and you have to leave your house???  You go to the park!

Ryan has developed more energy than the energizer bunny and just when you think he is going to crash, he revs back up.  By the time his bedtime rolls around, I can barely keep my eyes open.  What I don't get, is how he still wants to wake up at the crack of dawn on the weekends, even after being worn out during the day.  It's like someone is playing a cruel joke.

Here's a look back at some of our awesome, tiring, park-filled, run to Target, and using pizza as a phone weekend looked like.

Park, day 1.  He only does the big slides!

Totally mad that he had to sit still for one photo.

Meandering through the $1 aisle at Target.  

Different park for day 2.  He did sit to take in the view.

Ummm, doesn't my 21-mo look like a big boy?!

Probably looking at the big kids, he tried to keep up with them the whole time.

Pizza night!  This goofball decided to use the pizza crust as his phone.  He kept saying "Helloooooo!"
I am telling you, this kid has more goofball in him than Goofy.  He had me laughing (and chasing him) all weekend long.

 What did you do this weekend?
What's your method for handling a full-of-energy toddler?