If I get one more email...

Thursday, September 10, 2015

I want to give a shout out to Amanda @ RunningwithSpoons for the link up.

Its #thinkingoutloud Thursday!

Thank you to all the well wishers on my announcement yesterday.  If you have no clue what I am talking about, you can read it here.

Speaking of the move, since it has become official, my email box has been jammed with emails from the relo company, realtor, mortgage lender, my husband, Zillow, etc.  Not to mention, all of my work emails.  

The picture (above) is just emails within two days that I have had to reply to, that only concerns the move.  I am pretty sure if you wanted by my desk at any given moment, right now, this would be the look on my face:

There is light at the end of the tunnel though.  Since we are house hunting next week, the end of that trip should result in a contract on a house and a closing date set.  Then, the hurricane should die down soon.  

On another note, this move has amplified my Zillow obsession.  We've already discussed my Zillow addiction up here, but when you actually get to move, the addiction feeds itself and it's an outright frenzy!

Want to know the additional addiction with the move?  My love of Pinterest.  I have pinned so many new paint colors, room designs, decor, etc.  I am looking forward to showing pics of the new house (once selected) and the inside once we move in.  I died laughing at the image below, the other night.  I am pretty sure Russell would agree it is an accurate statement.

Other things to do aside from all things house: clean up my resume, LinkedIn profile, and get to looking for a job!  When we moved from VA to TN, it took about three months to land a new job.  I thought that was pretty good at the time, since we moved during the holiday season, but this time I would like to secure something sooner.  

Okay now back to my to-do list.