I couldn't even walk up the stairs

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Have you ever had such a good/intense workout that you were so sore for days later?  And when I say sore, I mean you couldn't even lift your legs to walk up stairs?

That just happened to me.

Yesterday, I was at work, and it was day two of an insane workout I did.  While walking up a flight of stairs, I stopped midway and could not go any further.  My butt hurt, my hammies hurt, my love handles hurt, heck... everything hurt.  I had to turn around, go back down the stairs and find an elevator.  Weak sauce.

So what workout did I do?  I recently heard that Les Mills started an On Demand program. On Demand lets you work out to any of Les Mills' programs through your computer or tablet for a low monthly fee in the comfort of your on home or on the go.  For $12.99 a month, I can do BODYPUMP, GRIT, BODYCOMBAT, etc. without joining a gym at an astronomical price.

So, I did just that.  On Saturday night, I signed up for Les Mills On Demand and did their GRIT program.  Who knew a 30-min HIIT workout, at home, would leave me stranded on a flight of stairs at work just two days later?

I am a huge BODYPUMP fan, but since I turned my home into my gym once I got pregnant, I have not been able to do BODYPUMP and I have missed it so much.  I was like a kid in a candy store when I found out I could finally do it at home!

And, the fact that I will be living at the beach in just four weeks, has me excited stressing.  I need to be in bikini mode 365 days a year!

I ordered some more weights and a barbell on Amazon really cheap this week, so once they get delivered BODYPUMP is on like Donkey Kong!

On and if you are interested in trying the On Demand program, you can sign up for a FREE 10-day trial.  I think you should!

Has anyone else tried Les Mills On Demand? Thoughts?