Weekend Recap | GaGa to the Rescue

Monday, August 24, 2015

Happy Monday!  I am linking up with Katie for my weekend recap!

GaGa was in town for a long weekend (Russell's mom), so our weekend was full of much needed family time.  Ryan enjoyed every minute with his GaGa, and we enjoyed every minute of having an extra set of hands around here to wrangle a toddler around.


GaGa watched Ryan all day while Russell and I worked, so Ryan got some excellent time with her.  When we got off, Russell cut the grass and Ryan was absolutely glued to the front door while Buddy hovered in the kitchen while GaGa whipped up a yummy meal.
Amazed at Dada's grass cutting skills.

Someone please drop some food for me!


We drove three hours into Arkansas on Saturday for a family event Russell's company was having at one of their lumber mills.  We got to take a tour of the mill and it was nice to see where Russell goes when he is on the road traveling.

Dada showing us all the ropes.

When we made it back into Memphis, we stopped at the Bass Pro Shops to show GaGa the largest Bass Pro in the world.  We even took the tallest free standing elevator to the very top of the building and looked out over Memphis.  This Bass Pro has a hotel, bowling alley, and two restaurants.

Downtown Memphis!

GaGa, Russell, and Ryan

Showing Ryan the fish in the water.

A view of the Mississippi River.

Mother/Son shot

Now my turn with my mother/son shot.


We were so exhausted by Sunday, that we did a lot of relaxing.  Ryan didn't get the memo that we needed to relax though, and he was wired.  He had to be on his best behavior around Russell's coworkers on Saturday (which he was), that by Sunday, he was in rare form.


He is obsessed with trucks!

And cups!

And after a crazy weekend, here comes a crazy week!  We fly out on Wednesday morning to head to Wilmington, North Carolina, for Russell to interview for a possible new position within his company.  If he is offered the job, it would be a promotion and we would have to relocate, so the company is flying Ryan and I out to tour the area too.

Blogging may be a little sparse this week, but there could be awesome news ahead....