Weekend Recap | A day late thanks to the ER

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My weekend recap is coming at you a day late thanks to the ER.  Due to some severe stomach pains that started Sunday night, I had to go to the ER yesterday and spending my day there being poked and prodded.  Good news: no appendicitis, bad news: they aren't sure the real issue, it may be ovarian cysts so I have to follow up with my OB to verify and go from there.

I was nauseous, couldn't walk standing up straight, extreme pain to the touch in my lower tummy...no fun at all.  I am hopped up on some pain meds and anti inflammatory's so, while the pain is not as bad today, I am hoping to get real answers soon.

On another, much more positive note, here was my weekend recap:


Russell was heading home from being away, so Ryan and I spent the day running errands and then had a park date.
Major bed head

He stopped to take a break and look at the trucks going by.

And then picked up where he left off.

Danger is his middle name.

Walking UP the slide...like a boss

He was too big for his britches and thought he could master the big boy slide...
obviously, it was a little much hahaha.


We took advantage of dada being home and took Ryan to the zoo.  He loved every single minute!


Not amused

Much better

Playing in the stream like the big kids do!

Cooling off in the little stream with dada

Joe Cool

Telling me the monkey goes "oo oo ah ah"

Oh, and FYI.... the very best way to go to the zoo is to bring your wagon!  We had Ryan on one end and a small cooler with our drinks and snacks on the other.  It beats having to pay $5 for a bottle of water and Ryan loved being in the wagon far better than he does his stroller.