No PDA allowed thanks to Officer Ryan

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

That picture, folks, is my son firmly planting his tiny body between momma and dada since we are not allowed to be affectionate.  

Yes, at the 1800 hr, Monday, August 3, Russell came home and surprised his wife with a gently kiss and great big hug (oh, thanks honey).  Officer Ryan Perry Schwartz caught this in the act and firmly made his presence known. 

Officer Schwartz screamed out a warning for us to back away, and when that was not done in a timely fashion, the officer approached momma and dada and gave us a nice tap shove, letting us know he meant business.

When the officer saw that momma and dada were not scared of his authority, and were still in a semi embracing state, the office decided to take action a little further and shove momma away from the perpetrator and wedge himself between the victim (momma) and suspect/perp (dada) until the situation dissolved.

When the PDA dissapated, Officer Schwartz proceeded to give the suspect/perp/dada a good tongue lashing, firm finger point, and loud "No Dada," before he walked off.

Thankfully, no ticket was issued in this PDA disturbance...

(I am in serious trouble with this one...)