Could have been worse...

Thursday, August 13, 2015

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This week has been hit or miss with me here on the blog and I apologize if you were looking for some dag on good content.  

I figured I would take today to catch you up to speed on what's been going on.  Sorry if this is pretty text heavy.

Sunday night, shortly after dinner time I started having extreme stomach pain and it reminded me of a contraction (just higher up).  Nausea followed soon after, and I spent much of the night on the couch.  I honestly tried to convince myself it was just really bad gas pains or something and that I would be better by the morning.  I tried to "sleep it off" but there was no sleeping to it.  The pain was ever constant and by morning it had migrated to below my belly button.  

Monday morning, it was even more intense and it hurt so bad when I pressed on the right, center, and left side of my lower stomach.  More so on my right, so I feared appendicitis.  I headed straight to an Urgent Care center where they sucked up my $60 copay and told me they couldn't do any tests for me, and needed to head to the ER.

Side note:  Can I have a refund if you did absolutely nothing for me??

Went to the ER, already dreading my ER bills that will follow, and they did an EKG, blood work, and CT scan.  Everything came back clear except for the fact that I had fluid in my pelvic area.  Without doing an ultrasound, they said I probably had ovarian cysts and to follow up with my OBGYN.  They sent me home with pain meds and really no other information.

I called my OBGYN as soon as I got home but the soonest they could see me was Wednesday (yesterday) morning.  Here I was in a crazy amount of pain, and I had to wait two days?  One word = frustrating.

I did try to be superwoman and come in to work Tuesday, but it wasn't easy.  And by yesterday, I was the first one in the doctor's office.  After an ultrasound, they confirmed what was going on.  I had an ovarian cyst that ruptured and that leaked a lot of fluid in the area and that was what was causing my pain.  But while they were looking around, they found out I had a lot of cysts all clumped together on both ovaries.  The doctor told me it looked like the clumps of cysts that they see on someone with PCOS.  Great.

So, they are treating me with birth control.  When you have PCOS, they give you birth control as there is medicine in the pill that can shrink and help get rid of the cysts.  Since Russell and I want to start for baby number two, semi-soon, they have me on the pill to try and get rid of the cysts so that they will be gone once we are ready to start becoming a baby making machine.  (PCOS can cause you to have a hard time getting pregnant because of the number of cysts.)  

Hopefully the pain will go away in a few more days, once my body absorbs the fluid again, and then I can get back to normal activities.  While I hated getting this news, I am grateful that it wasn't appendicitis, I didn't need surgery, and I could still get pregnant once the pill kicks the cysts to the curb..... it could have been worse.

And just in case you were wondering why I wasn't on the pill....  

For the last couple of years, I have suffered from a very low libido, exhaustion, mood issues, etc. It was very bad, and I was very affraid at how it may affect my marriage if I didn't seek answers. It was also affecting my self esteem.  I talked to by OBGYN back at my yearly check up, we did some blood work, and found out my testosterone levels were very low.  So, I have been getting monthly testosterone injections (which have helped me TREMENDOUSLY)!  Birth control pills lower your testosterone, and when you already have very low levels, like myself, you have zero libido, always tired, moody, etc.  I got off the pill to help with that and we were using a condom instead.  (If this is tmi for you, sorry... but some may find this helpful so I want to share my experience.)

Since I have to go back on the pill, I am still getting my injections, they may just have to increase the dosage a little.  I will have to stop the injection (and of course the pill) once we are ready to start trying for a baby. I cannot get injections while pregnant as that could cause issues if we were to be pregnant with a girl.

The doc did say, I have had PCOS for a long time but never had any issues because I had always been on the pill, so it helped keep me from having symptoms, and the injections (and being off the pill) just aggravated them.  I had a very easy time getting pregnant with Ryan (second month of trying) because the pill kept me from having cysts at that time.

I only hope and pray we can have an easy time when we are ready for baby number two, but my priority right now, is to get myself better.

I know I am not the only one that has ever had these issues, but I wanted to share my experiences as we are a blogging community.

Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor, nor am I trying to be (or smart enough).  If you relate, before you self diagnose, please consult your physician.