Ambronite | The New Super Meal - I Gave it a Try

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I have always been a big fan of quick and easy.  Quick and easy meals = check! Quick and easy makeup routines = check, check! Quick and easy workouts =  check x infinity!

When it comes to quick and easy snacks, I usually grab anything I can get my hands on that I can eat on-the-go.  I try to eat healthy and be mindful, but that isn't always the case.  I can admit that.  When work brings in cupcakes, how can you say no???!!

But, I still try to be sensible and eat very healthy.  As a family, we eat 90% organic foods and try to have an overall very, very well balanced diet.  

I was recently introduced to Ambronite, a company that offers an organic drinkable meal that is perfect on-the-go.  I jumped at the chance to try this organic option to use as a snack.

The drinkable "Super Meal" comes in small bags that are perfect to have at your home, office, in your bag, etc.  Each bag contains one full mean (500 cal) of all of your essential nutrients.  It is free of anything artificial and mixes really well with water, juices, and blended in a smoothie.  Just one meal contains 20 organic whole food ingredients with 32% of fats, 44% of carbohydrates, and 24% of protein.


I decided to use only half of each packet at a time to make it more of a snack option for me.  That way, the calorie count was lower.  I don't drink a lot of juices, so I decided to try mine mixing with water, and then with almond milk.  I always have a snack during the mid afternoon, so this was a very easy option for me for my afternoon snack option at work.

Mixing with water

It mixed pretty well but it did have some flakes in it.  It smelled like bland oatmeal and when mixing with water, it tasted like bland oatmeal.  That isn't a deal breaker for me though.  I had had quite a few protein powders that tasted worse.  Even when only drinking half of the package, I was very full afterwards and did see my energy levels rise a little during a usual afternoon slump.

Mixing with Almond Milk

On my second try with Ambronite, I decided to mix it with unsweetened vanilla almond milk.  The bland oatmeal smell was masked and the taste was much more doable!  Because the milk a little thicker, I thought it mixed better, almost on the verge of a shake.  This was definitely my preferred way of drinking it.

My overall thought: 

I was pleasantly surprised at the taste.  I expected it to taste much worse than it did. The powder is green, so lets be real, my first thought was "man this is gonna suck."  I have tried many protein powders and green powders that I would not touch again... this, I would definitely like to use in rotation with other healthy snack options.  This is really a good choice for on-the-go, and I really appreciated that it was organic and loaded in nutrients!  It also kept me full for at least 4 hours until dinner and my energy levels definitely perked up.  We all know what that afternoon slump feels like... it was nice not to need a cup of coffee to per up.

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Disclosure: Ambronite did give me this product to try but this post is 100% my own thoughts.