You had me at Chipotle

Thursday, July 2, 2015

First, I want to give a shout out to Amanda @ RunningwithSpoons for the link up.

Its #thinkingoutloud Thursday!

I love Chipotle.  Let me repeat that....I love Chipotle.  It's an addiction that I have been facing for years.  My addiction became worse when my husband professed his love for Chipotle too.  That is why I know we were meant to be together.  When you ask what they want for dinner and they say "Chipotle," and you were thinking that at the same time, that = true love.  Now, Ryan also loves Chipotle.  It's a family affair.

What did Russell want for Father's Day?  A Chipotle gift card.  What did I get for my birthday?  A Chipotle gift card.  (Other stuff too, but that's beside the point.)  Our love is so strong, one of the servers there knows exactly what my husband wants when she sees him.  

I guess my addiction could be worse, it could be McDonald's.  (Thank you baby Jesus that it isn't!)  I talked to Russell last night on the phone (he is out of town, getting back today) and asked him what he wanted me to make for dinner tonight.  His first words "Nah, lets do Chipotle."  And just like that, my night was made.

True story: Back in college, on Halloween, you could get a free burrito if you wrapped yourself in tin foil.  And...I did just that.  No shame in my game.  I am just sad there is no picture to share with you.  

I stumbled across these gems below on Pinterest the other day, letting me know that our family's addiction is not the only in the world.  Topping that, The Huffington Post even wrote an article on Chipotle fandom (here).  We are not alone people, we are not alone.

So do you have any random addition to a certain food or restaurant?  I would love to hear, that way I don't feel to bad about how crazy mine is...