Weekend Recap | Molars will be the death of me

Monday, July 27, 2015

Happy Monday!  I am linking up with Katie for my weekend recap!

I am having a hard time with the fact that it is the last week of July!  I cannot get over how quickly July came and went and now we are just a few weeks away from school starting back and having to start competing with back-to-school traffic.  (School starts in early August for Memphis folks).

This weekend was pretty much a non event, which wasn't a bad thing since Ryan is cutting some molars.  And, if you have ever had a child cut molars, you know it is not much fun for them (or almost more importantly, YOU).  When Ryan cuts teeth, he gets a bad runny nose/cold-like symptoms, along with a bad attitude.  And when I say bad attitude, I mean the "he is going to push every button you have kind."  I try to be sympathetic and there were lots of cuddle sessions, but whoa, I definitely enjoyed the wind-down time when he went to sleep.

The best way to counteract the bad tude, was to distract him with every means possible, so that meant:


A fancy dinner at a Mexican restaurant where Ryan hogged the guacamole:

At least he smiled in this



A run to our favorite place in the world, Target, where Ryan played with every toy on every aisle and tried to climb in the bouncy ball cage:

and finally, Sunday

Ryan decided to put his hat on "Fresh Prince style:"

Do laundry:

And practice his ball skills with his new Little Tikes T-ball set from our Target trip:

This will be the only time he gets to play baseball in the HOUSE

So proud of himself

Distractions help a teething toddler in every way possible, so do teething tablets for toddlers and wine for moms.  We all managed to make it through the weekend in one piece and the molars broke through, so hopefully we get a break before the next round.

Oh and FYI, Target has had a pretty awesome toy sale and I was able to grab a few Christmas/Birthday presents for Ryan early.  I am so so proud of myself! 


What were your highs and lows from the weekend?