Weekend Recap | Just what the doctor ordered.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Happy Monday!  I am linking up with Katie for my weekend recap!

This weekend was perfect.  It involved lots and lots and lots of rest, just what the doctor ordered.  I did get a wild hair up my rear and decided to do a workout Saturday that involved really upping my weights and now, two days later, I feel like I need to be in a full body cast.  And when I say up my weights, I really did.  I nailed it, and knew I could, but my body is in shock from me forcing it to man up.

Other than that, I can't complain.


We spent the morning getting Ryan a haircut.  We took him to someone new and they took way too much off.  Thank goodness his hair grows really quick.  I didn't know that when I said trim, that would give her permission to to a full on cut.  Next time, I just may do it myself.

At lunch, I was craving a BLT but decided to sub the mayo for avocado, subbed bacon with turkey bacon, and use spinach as my lettuce option... it was magnifico!  I ate that for lunch both days because it was that good.

After Ryan woke from his nap, we pulled out his pool and played.  This boy loved the water.  Thank goodness, because it was over 100 degrees this weekend and that was the only way to enjoy the outside.


We started the day with some organic whole grain blueberry waffles from Sprouts, topped with organic agave nectar and bananas, YUM!  This is a Sunday ritual for Ryan and I.  Then, we dashed off to church and ran our Costco errands.

Other than that, we stayed in most of the day because it was so hot out. Ryan got a little sun the day before, so I didn't want him to end up with too much.  That's okay though, because he was happy with his Boom Chicka Pop Sea Salt Popcorn that we enjoyed as a snack together.  He was yelling "Yum" after every bite.  Ha!

After Ryan went down, Russell and I watched a few episodes of his favorite show Naked and Afraid, then we both did some workouts before turning in for the evening.

Although the weekend was not jam packed and pretty non-eventful, it was just what I needed for this week.  My office is holding a conference for the first three days this week so it is early morning hours for me!


Any get ice cream for National Ice Cream Day?What was the highlight of your weekend?