Thinking Out Loud | I thought, for a hot minute, I was pregnant.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

First, I want to give a shout out to Amanda @ RunningwithSpoons for the link up.

Its #thinkingoutloud Thursday!

If Friday at 4:30 PM doesn't get here right now, I may just pass out from exhaustion.  It has been that kinda week.  One of my coworkers is out sick and I have taken on her workload.  It is also her busiest week of the month and next Monday, a conference I have helped put together is put her busiest week and my busiest week together and you get this week... pure mayhem.  If I survive, it will be out of a miracle.  Ryan may think his mommy has turned into a zombie for the week.

Okay, the end of that rant.

So here are my random thoughts/things of the week.

1.  I thought, for a hot minute, I was pregnant.  

I would call it a pregnancy scare, but I would have been excited.  My husband, on the other hand, would have called it a nightmare.  I am ready, he isn't...yet.  We have a specific time frame in mind that isn't too far along at all but he, I am pretty sure, would have fainted if I told him.

2.  Ryan said "Bad Mama"

I can tell dada is trying for payback.  If you don't know what I am talking about, read here.  I didn't do anything bad, I think Ryan just genuinely likes the word bad now and I got the finger point too.  Now I know how it feels.... darn it.

3.  My Pinterest Board has become baby crazy

Since the "pregnancy scare" I have found myself thinking names and pinning cute nurseries.  Even though I know for sure I am not, the moment the thought crossed my mind, I went all goo goo ga ga about it and now if you follow me on Pinterest you may be annoyed by my pinning of anything baby.

4.  My mom made my night

My mom used to sell Pampered Chef and now, I pretty only use all things Pampered Chef in my kitchen.  But there were a few things I wanted/needed and it was going to cost me.  A quick chat with my mom later, and she excitedly told me she had every item I wanted, still in a box, never used, and .... I could take it.  I love it when my mom saves me.  She is packing it up and mailing's going to feel like Christmas morning in my house when I get that package of goodies. Also, I love it even more since it is free!

On a side note, if you sell Pampered Chef, hit a sister up!  It's like going through the old JCPenney Christmas catalog....I circle every single thing and make excuses for why I need it.

5.  Ryan takes his ride to school seriously

When Ryan gets in the car, he must have a cup of milk and a good book to read to mentally prepare himself for school.  He also occasionally jams out to a tune in the car if it's a good song.

My mental preparation is loads and loads of coffee.

6.  I want to go on a reality show

Have you ever watched a show and wanted to go audition?  For some reason, after watching So You Think You Can Dance, Big Brother, American Ninja Warrior, The Bachelor, and Naked and Afraid, I all of a sudden realllllly want to go on a show.  I have issues.

I think it is just because of the competition and wanting to win something.  So, since there is no way I am going to be on a show, I am just going to start doing Publishers Clearing House and hope that someone will walk up to my door while I am in my bathrobe and had me a check for $5000 for life.


Have you ever auditioned for a TV show or did PCH?
What is your favorite Pampered Chef item?