My child makes my life more fulfilled

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Happy Hump Day!

Today is my last day of my hectic work schedule (we have been hosting a conference the first half of this week) and I get my normal work hours back.  Woohoo!

Fortunately, I have an awesome husband who got out of traveling for the week so that he could be home to take care of Ryan while I get up at the crack of dawn for work and then don't get home a little past dinner time.

I did get to get home last night just in time for a little play time to help Ryan wind down for the night.   We got to do a family walk and then watch Ryan run like a mad man through the sprinklers before bath.  Watching the pure excitement on his face was priceless...and the temper tantrum when it was time to come in was epic. I am pretty sure every neighbor was peeking out of their blinds to see what we were up to.  Oh you know, just my toddler stripped down to his diaper thrashing around the front yard screaming bloody murder.  No big deal.

I tried bribing with cookies and crackers... no dice, he wouldn't cave.  My 18-mo is very strong willed.

I grabbed a few great shots of him though, before we stripped him down to get him inside.

Having that time with him last night was just what I needed to unwind and put a huge smile of my face from a hectic workday.  It's so nice having that to come home to.  It's funny to think back on my life before a child.  Sure, I had ample time to do nothing and relax, but it wasn't fulfilling.  This is.  The life where I have no "me" time.  The life where someone depends on me 24/7. Where someone is standing there watching me use the bathroom because they will freak if the door is closed.  Where a poop falls on your leg when changing a diaper. (True story, that really did happen this weekend and I did scream to the top of my lungs in horror.)   This is the life, as crazy as it is, that is most fulfilling.  

(Aside from the poop falling on your leg.)