I am addicted to Zillow

Thursday, July 30, 2015

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Its #thinkingoutloud Thursday!

I have a problem. I am addicted to Zillow.  Yes, it is a little weird that I am obsessed with house hunting.  I will admit that, but let me explain.  

Three years ago, Russell was offered a promotion with his company that had us moving from Virginia to Tennessee.  Shortly after the move, he was given the opportunity to get his MBA on his company's dime.  (Even better.)  As of late, there have been a few conversations that have been tossed around about movement up in the company again, after his MBA is complete. (We are one year done, one more to go.)  That movement up, could mean a promotion here, in Tennessee, or relocation.  With that being said, I have become slightly obsessed with house hunting.  

I think I have seriously searched for houses in every single possible place we may relocate, and there is no certainty that we even will relocate. It's all because of my OCD/Type A personality.  I have even written down areas in each location that have the better schools, job opportunities for me, etc.  The way I look at it, I want to be prepared.  

(This is all really going to turn out pointless when/if a promo has us staying put!  Ha!)

It's crazy though, I jump on the site for five minutes and an hour (or two) later, I have searched for every house in my budget in that entire city and surrounding area.  

I just can't get enough.  All of these houses will be sold by the time a possible opportunity will even come our way...I am, yes I know, a bit ridiculous.

I think for me, it not only comes down to wanting to be prepared, but slightly hoping an opportunity will come our way to move back somewhere on the East Coast so that we can be closer than 15-hr from our family.  (Especially when we expand our family.) I guess I am living on a prayer (cue the Bon Jovi song).

I blame all of this Zillow obsession nonsense on his company for putting these possibilities in my thoughts in the first place.  Don't they know what that does to an OCD/Type A girl?!  I can't help but feel a little in limbo and like I can't fully settle in if there might be a move within a year or so.

So we will see what happens and what the future holds.  If the promotion means we will stay here, that is fine too, but at least we will then know we can fully settle and maybe even start some house upgrade projects.

In the meantime, if you are wondering if there are houses for sale in an area you are interested in, hit me up...I have probably already searched there.  Haha.


Have you ever been addicted to house hunting?