Friday Favorites | 7.10.15

Friday, July 10, 2015

Thanks to Katie and Heather for the link-up!

TGIF people, T.G.I.F!  The weekend is here and it's much needed.  The week started out pretty slow but by Thursday, work was crazy, and I woke up this morning not wanting to get out of bed.

To end this week with a bang, here are my  #FRIDAYFAVORITES of the week:

Cousin It

Yep, we have our very own Cousin It.  Ryan's preferred method of walking around the house is by means of blanket.  #toddlersareweird

This outfit!

Ryan's Nannie (his great-grandmother) loves shopping on Zulily.  I must say, I do too, but she sent Ryan this outfit in the mail this week and I love it!  He is such a little stud.
Don't you love the bed head?!  This kid has a head full of hair!

The Dollar Tree

I have found so many cool toddler toys for dirt cheap at The Dollar Store.  Ryan is huge into anything Mickey Mouse right now and I have found some awesome Mickey Mouse Clubhouse coloring books there for $1.  Score!  While I am cooking dinner, Ryan grabs his crayons and coloring book and goes to work. 


I love a good quiz, don't you?!  This personality quiz based on four colors has been all over Facebook. I just took it and it hit the nail on the head with my personality.  Spot on!

This Anxiety Article

I am Type A and can get easily stressed/wound up at times.  But, that is a trait that I don't want Ryan to pick up at all.  I found this article here on how to avoid passing anxiety on to your kids.  I love a good read!

Follow him on Instagram NOW

The Huffington Post shared an article on an anonymous dad of three who created an Instagram account (@iftoddlerstexted) and posts fake text messages between toddlers and it is hilarious.  If you have Instagram, you must follow.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Ta ta for now!


Got any good weekend plans??