Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It's Wednesday and that can only mean one thing... I have only one more day of work before my three day weekend.  Hallelujah!

Since I am getting a three day weekend, I will also be taking Friday off on the blog so that I can really unwind with my little fam.  Russell also has off, which makes me want to unplug even more.  Since I will be missing my Friday Favorites post, I decided to do something similar today and post what my current favorites are.  I follow Ashley @ My Food & Fitness Diaries and she does a great "Currently" post that I have decided to try myself.

Current Book:

I am currently reading "Give Them Grace" by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick.  I was given this book by our church at Ryan's dedication and it is such a wonderful read.  It's about teaching your children about our grace-giving God and helping our children know the dazzling love of Jesus and respond with heartfelt obedience.

Current Show:

It's a tie.  I am loving my summer favorites "Dance Moms" and "So You Think You Can Dance."  Even Ryan loves SYTYCD.  He dances every time there is a Hip Hop song's his jam.  He gets it from his momma!

Current Excitement:

Russell and I both get Friday off for a long Independence Day celebration.  I am looking forward to relaxing and letting Ryan experience all the festivities.  He loved seeing the fireworks last year but he was only six months old, so I am excited for him to run around at our town celebration Friday night.

Current Exercise:

I am on a Pure Barre kick right now.  I am alternating HIIT treadmill training and Pure Barre DVDs right now and the Pure Barre workout is really making me sore in all the right places (butt and thighs).  It just reinforces why I love Pure Barre so much!  I can't chalk up spending money on the classes so, I just buy the DVDs and do it at home.  Evennnnn cheaper.

Current Nail Color:

I have a major problem biting my nails.  So essentially, I never have nail color on.  I am trying really hard to not bite, so, as of two days ago, I put a fresh clear top coat on to entice me to not bite them.  I'm two days sober...

Current Song:

My girl T Swift's song "Bad Blood."  It is still my jam and even Ryan bobs his head up and down to it in the car.  It is not getting old...

Current Outfit:

I loved wearing my new dress from Stitch Fix this week.  It felt so soft and very light.  The color was too fun as well.

Current Drink:

I have had a Skinny Iced Caramel Macchiato three out of the last four days this week.  Sorry I'm not sorry...

Current Indulgence:

I am on a weird chips and salsa kick right now and have had some every night this week.  Sometimes (shhh, don't tell anyone), I team it up with some wine (and Dance Moms).

Current Photo:

This photo (below) of Ryan from this weekend cracks me up.  He was playing with his bike and the hubs and I were spreading mulch in the flower beds.  I go to check on Ryan and he is sitting on his throne in the garage just relaxing (legs crossed and all).  He's a nut.

Current Meal

I found a recipe for Garlic Mustard Drumsticks on Tina's blog Carrots 'N' Cake.  The prep took no time and the chicken turned out even better than I expected.  This has now been added to our dinner rotations.  I cannot get over how good it was!

And that's that!  Have a fantastic day!


What are your current favorites!?