Bad Dada

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I did a bad thing.  Well, let me go back a little... I taught Ryan something that I did not know would catch on like wildfire and now I am running around trying to fix it.  #momfail

Russell loves goofing off with Ryan.  Sometimes it's a bit much, but I digress...  Well one morning this weekend, Ryan didn't find it funny and was getting annoyed.  And here is where I went wrong.  I, jokingly, told Ryan to point his finger and say "bad dada."  Now, it has stuck and every time Russell walks into the room or breaths, it's "bad dada" (with the finger point).

See, I told you... total #momfail.

Russell is frustrated (I get it) and I am now trying to back pedal.  But on a side note, I try and teach this kid other fun words and sayings and he picks THIS up?!  Just my luck...

Just last night, Ryan walks in the door and sees dada standing there waving and smiling at him...  Ryan's first words  "bad dada" (with the finger point).  I have my work cut out for me.

I am trying to fix the issue and repeat (a bizillion times throughout the day) "Oh no Ry Ry, dada is very good.  Dada loves you, why don't you give dada a kiss?  Say, good dada."  (Ry Ry is his little nickname by the way...)

So far, it is not working too good.  We were making good strides until I was in a different room the other night and was telling my mom about it on the phone.  Well, Ryan's bat ears heard it from the other room and he went back at it. #2ndmomfail  Russell was none too pleased with me...again.

Yes, I knooow I shouldn't have even started it in the first place, I get it.  But I was kidding around and didn't think it would spread like wildfire.  And like I said before, I have been trying to get Ryan to say all kinds of stuff before and he could care less.  It must have been the excitement of the finger pointing that won him over.

I don't have a picture to go along with this.  If I did, that would be me catering to this nonsense (although I would like it for scrapbook documentation purposes).

But thanks to, at least I didn't do any of these:

I guess it could be worse.  Lets just see how long it takes for me to fix this.


Any suggestions on other ways to fix it?
Have you had a mom fail?