Weekend Recap | We're Gonna Talk Tubes

Monday, June 8, 2015

Happy Monday!  I am linking up with Katie for my weekend recap!

Ryan had his first swim lesson this weekend and my little water boy loved it!  I don't have any photo from it though....maybe next weekend.  We signed Ryan up for swim lessons at the YMCA since they were more reasonably priced than anywhere else local and they had weekend classes.  Everywhere else I looked only offered weekday classes, and hellooooo, this momma works.  Thankfully, the Y realized that not all mommies were stay-at-homes and they have several weekend options!

Ryan's favorite part was sitting on the ledge and falling/jumping off into my arms.  He didn't quite understand the concept of kicking and moving arms, but he will get there.  Future Michael Phelps???  We'll see.  It was nice to sign him up for a weekend activity like that, it wore him out and he napped for almost three hours afterwards.

After nap, we blew up our inflatable pool for some more water activities.  It was hot as Hades this weekend, the only way to enjoy being outside was if you were near water.

After more water time, we ran a few errands and got home just in time to see American Pharaoh win the Triple Crown!  Ryan was fascinated by the all of horses and stayed glued to the screen.

Sunday was a little less constructive.  Ryan woke up with a 99.6 temp and was very cranky.  He pushed through and we went to church and Costco but by lunch time, he was out of it.  He didn't eat much and when he woke from his nap, he had a low-grade fever.  He also had a TON of nasty green gook coming out of his nose.  You could tell he was miserable and was pulling at his ear.  And because he was not feeling well, he was extra fussy, irritable, and destructive.  He was determined to tear everything in his path.  My toddler tornado.

It's a little frustrating because Ryan just finished his 10-day antibiotic from his ear infection he had during vacation.  He has literally had an ear infection every single month since December, except for January.  He woke up this morning teetering on the low-grade line, so I have an appointment this afternoon with his doc to have him checked out and then have "the talk."  I don't want to have to put my son on antibiotics every month and have his body battle that.  With the amount of infections he has had, it's time to talk options for his ears.  I want to talk ear tubes with the doc.  The doctor has mentioned tubes in the past but wanted Ryan to get closer to 2 years old and see how he did during the summer... well obviously that is all going to hell in a hand basket and I just want my little man to feel better.  

Although yesterday was a little less fun and relaxing, when the toddler tornado did go down for the night, I did get to enjoy a nice glass of wine and my shrimp and veggie pasta.  The last time we made it, we used lobster (see recipe here) but this time, we decided on shrimp and it was delicious.  A nice meal to end the weekend.

And like that, the weekend is over, I am tired because Ryan cried out a lot last night and it's back to work and a doctor's appointment.  I made my coffee extra strong this morning and I have a nice workout planned for tonight to get some tension off of me.  

Crossing fingers that this doctor's appointment for Ryan is productive...