Weekend Recap | Happy Birthday to Me!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Happy Monday!  I am linking up with Katie for my weekend recap!

The weekend went by way to fast.  I blinked, and it was over.  However, I did wake up 1 year older today...yep, it's my birthday.  I am 1 year closer to gray hair.  Russell is out of town tonight, so we celebrated a little last night and Ryan and I are going to grub out on some cupcakes tonight.

Here is a look back at this past weekend:


We started the day of at the YMCA for round 2 of Ryan's swim lessons.  Although he was excited to be there, that quickly faded when we got in the water and it turned out to be a scream fest the entire time.  I don't know what changed his mind, but he was not a happy camper.  I guess we will try again next week.

Don't let this smile fool you, it didn't last for long.
We ended the day with playing outside and a few wagon rides.  He also got to feed himself yogurt.  Although practice makes perfect and he needs to learn to feed himself, clean-up was awful.


Sunday, we took a trip to the Memphis Zoo in the early afternoon and it was so fun.  Ryan has been several times, but this was the first time where he really got into it.  Naming animals and practicing animals sounds has been a big thing for Ryan right now, so he really got into seeing the animals face-to-face.  We have a membership to the Zoo, so we will be doing lots of trips this year.

He refused to use the stroller, he had to walk on his own. 

We ended the day with a little birthday date night for Russell and I.  We got a babysitter and went to the movies to see "Jurassic World."  I cannot tell you the last time I went to the movies, so this was great for me and really the only thing I wanted to do.  Just to get away with Russell was a treat.  

(FYI, I loved the movie.  The end was a bit dramatic, but then again, it is a movie about dinosaurs.)

I woke up this morning to cupcakes and a very clever and thoughtful birthday gift from Russell.  I am one grateful lady!

And, although I won't have him at home tonight to celebrate, work is throwing me a little party today and Ryan and I will do our thing tonight.

Have a great start to your week!  And since it is my birthday, I give you all permission to grub out on cake and not feel guilty about it.


What was your favorite part about your weekend?