Weekend Recap | Father's Day in Bed

Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy Monday!  I am linking up with Katie for my weekend recap!

This weekend was a lot of fun but totally exhausting at the same time.  Saturday was full of excitement for Ryan and on Sunday, Russell spent his Father's Day in bed with food poisoning.  Since daddy was out of commission Sunday and Ryan had to spend all day with just me, he was a sad and frustrated lil guy and let me know just how he felt!  The toddler two's are here folks!

But, Russell is on the mend and I will have my partner-in-crime back in full force next weekend.


We got up Saturday and hit the ground running.  So that we could relax for Father's Day, Russell and I tackled cleaning the house from head to toe and Ryan concentrated on his morning reading and carrying around his favorite accessory (my purse).

Then it was time for his swim lessons and a short nap since we had tickets to see Sesame Street Live!

When I woke Ryan, it was like waking a T-Rex (at least what I would imagine waking a T-Rex would be like).  He was screaming and thrashing around.  I was so worried that the show would be a total disaster but, Ryan gathered his bearings and actually really enjoyed the show.  It was a 90-minute show and it really kept his attention almost the first 60-minutes.   After that, he was a little over it but you could tell he enjoyed seeing a big production like that.

We followed that up with some playtime on the bike and cutting the grass with dady when we got home so Ryan passed out later that night from his fun-filled day.


Around midnight, Sunday morning, Russell started getting sick and spent most of the night bonding with the toilet.  Then, that proceeded to carry on into the day Sunday, so he didn't get to enjoy the day and we didn't get to celebrate daddy.  Ryan only wanted to be around daddy, so that made it equally frustrating for him.   He demanded to get in the bed with Russell right when he woke up and proceeded to climb right beside dad for some lounge time before I took him away to give Russell some piece and quiet.  I took Ryan out and about to get groceries and get him a toy (since he went ballistic over a giant red ball he saw).

By mid-afternoon, he was over me and proceeded to be a terror letting me know I was not the person he wanted to be around.  He became Destructive Dan and was throwing any and everything in his path.

We have started implementing time out at our house since Ryan has really started to get to the temper tantrum age, so needless to say, he did get a few timeout sessions and even once,  as soon as he did something he knew he wasn't supposed to do, he put himself in timeout!  Ha!  Even though he hates timeouts, I always make him give me a hug afterwards and say "I'm sorry." (sounds more like "I saw wee.")  It's the cutest thing in the world.

I am hoping that tonight we can celebrate Father's Day with Russell and I can cook his favorite meal (if his belly is up to it), the veggie pasta using shrimp.  For a man who is so hard working and sacrifices so much for our little family, I really want him to enjoy at least a little bit of Father's Day.


Questions: What was your favorite thing you did this weekend?