Ryan's Favorites | Skip Hop Backpack

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I am happy to say that Russell is feeling much better and Ryan has his daddy back!  Yay for all of us!  Since Russell didn't get to enjoy Father's Day (you can catch up on that here), I cooked his favorite meal last night to semi make up for it.  Ryan gave him a card he made for daddy that included artwork from our little Picasso and Russell also got a new Breville juicer, but he ended up getting that days ago when it got delivered to me and he arrived home earlier than expected and saw it.  Grrrr.... 

We ended the night with Ryan playing with his Radio Flyer bike and wagon.  He is seriously in love... He has to say "bye bye" to them every single night and ends up crying because it is time to part with them.  We asked him to choose which one he wanted to play with last night and he grabbed both...  It's a strong love people, a strong love.

Speaking of strong love and favorites, I haven't done a Ryan's Favorites post in a while, so I thought I would get you all caught up on a new favorite.  When Ryan was a little babe, I had a large Skip Hop diaper bag (Waverly) that had tons of space for all of Ryan's essentials and then some.  It went everywhere with us but I started noticing, the older Ryan got, the less stuff I needed to bring and I really hated lugging it around since it was so bulky and I didn't need that space anymore.  Gone are the days of bottles, baby food, rattles, 70 changes of clothing, etc.  All he needs is a snack, a few diapers, a book or two, and sippy cup, and he is golden.  

Once I realized I needed to downsize from the regular diaper bag, I stumbled upon Skip Hop's Zoo Pack backpacks.  They were too darling and had just the amount of space I was looking for, and I figured, when Ryan got a little older, he could take it to preschool.  It has a main pocket for his books, diapers, etc., a front pocket that is ideal for snacks and necessities, a side mesh pocket for his sippy cup, and very cushy padded straps for him.  The backpack comes in different animal looks and we chose the dinosaur since Ryan loves dinos.  When we brought it come, he instantly fell in love!   

Happy dino, happy Ryno!

Front pouch for applesauce pouch, first aid kit, boogie wipes, paci, etc.

I love putting my Huggies wipes clutch in there!

Main pouch for diapers wipes, color book, books, mini magna doodle

Ryan carries this backpack all around the house and loves filling it with his toys.  I love it just as much as he does, if not more, because it is the perfect size for his new diaper bag and easy to take to restaurants, shopping, etc.   If you are in search of downsizing your diaper bag, you have to check these out!  Plus, watching him waddle around with his backpack on is an instant heart melt!

They are seriously the cutest backpacks ever!!  You can check out their animal backpack selection here!

FYI: This is not a sponsored post, just my opinion based on my own use of the product after my own research and purchase.


Did you downsize your diaper bag?
What is your favorite baby/toddler product?