I'm Baaaack!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Hello world and technology!  I am back :)   I am linking up with Katie for my weekend/vacation recap!

I know I said I would try and post some pictures while on vacation, but let me be honest, I totally unplugged and really enjoyed every minute of it.  I didn't realize how stressed I was until I got there and had to teach myself how to relax!  And then when I did, man did it feel good.  

Being at the beach with my husband, toddler, and some of our family was hands-down one of the best weeks we have had in a long time.  So much fun, that we are already planning next year's vacation!

Ryan had the time of his life too.  He grew even closer to his grandparents and picked up some new words along the way!  He was totally in his element (my little beach bum) and to see the pure joy in his face was totally worth it.  He did end up with an ear infection, from a cold, at the start of our vacation, but once the doc ordered the antibiotic, he was good to go.  

So instead of rambling on and on with words, I thought I would share some photos on this lovely Monday morning with you!


Gigi (my mom) introducing Ryan to the ocean for the first time!

He wasn't too fond of the waves in the ocean (or the "oca" as he called it).

He made himself home in the kitchen instantly.
Beach stores are the best!  I am still mad I didn't end up buying these gems.

Ryan's "pool" we used during our days at the beach! 

Dada/son time.

Oh hey there!

My little cub.

Mouth FULL of dirt.  And he could not stop eating it!

Riding in style to the beach.

Night fun on the porch.

Playing with Gigi in the dirt.

In his element.


Drying off on the porch!

My all-time favorite picture!

Who knew water bottles could be so fun!

Photo sesh with Gigi before putt putt.

My little family.

Gaga and Grandpop!

What was Ryan's favorite part of putt putt?  Chasing after everyone else's balls!

Hole in one.

Gaga (Russell's mom) and little bear.

Uncle Joe (his godfather), Russell, and Ryan.

Frozen yogurt at Sweet Frog...decisions decisions decisions.

Russell on his fishing trip!

Take Ryan to a store and he quickly finds the books and makes himself right at home.

Passed out from too much fun!

Dada showing Ryan the planes or birds.  

Hi there!

If Buddy isn't here to ride, the next best thing is Dada.

Trying to steal Gaga's hat.

Gigi selfie time!

Out to dinner for Russell's 30th birthday!

My mom and I :)

Old man.

Gigi, Joe Joe (mom's boyfriend), and Ryan before we all said goodbye and shed tears.

When it was time to leave everyone, the goodbyes were hard and tears were shed.  We miss our family so darn much.