Friday Favorites: 6/12/15

Friday, June 12, 2015

Thanks to Katie and Heather for the link-up!

It's Friday!  And, my birthday is Monday so I am just going to celebrate all weekend long. Ha! I wish.  Gone are the days of my early 20's where I threw down.  Instead, I consider it a celebration if I get some cake and ice cream and can take at least one nap.  Victory!

Some of my #ffavorites of the week:

This Push Up Challenge

I discovered this via Google and I am totally doing this starting TODAY.  I am in need of some toning in that area. You can view the whole 30-days to stronger arms challenge here.

Virgin Mobile Benefits for Moms AND Dads

So according to ABC News, Virgin Mobile is working to expand benefits to its U.S. offices and give 1-yr paternity leave to dads.  I absolutely love stories like this.  I recently read an article on how LOW in rankings the U.S. is on its maternity and paternity leave.  To see some companies step up and offer more, I applaud you!  Hmmmm, Richard Branson, if you are reading this (and you probably are not) can I send in my resume so I can get your maternity leave? Oh and does that come with vacation days on Necter Island?  Just a thought...  (Read the article here.

Entertaining a Toddler at a Restaurant

When Ryan was a little lad, we could take him anywhere and he was great.  Now, we are terrified of taking him to dinners because halfway through, we find ourselves shoveling food in our mouths to hurry the heck on out of there with our now screaming child.  I stumbled across this post offering great ideas to entertain your child while at dinner.  There may be a solution after all people!  

Binge Watching

Yes, I will be binge watching Orange is the New Black & Aquarius this weekend.  I became HOOKED on Aquarius when it debuted a few weeks ago, and NBC went ahead and released all of this season's episodes On Demand all at once.  Boom!  

Oh, and then there is Season 3 of OITNB and lets be honest, there is no way you can watch without binge watching.  

I am on cloud nine....

OH!  And before I forget, if you want to read how Ryan got his head stuck in the cabinet earlier this week, read it here!

Have a great weekend!