Weekend Recap | Happy Mother's Day

Monday, May 11, 2015

I am linking up with Katie for my weekend recap!

I hope every single mama out there had a fantastic weekend!  Hopefully you were surrounded by family and friends celebrating your day, and hopefully out got some relaxation out of it.

I want to give a quick shout out to my mom, my best friend, and confidant.  I love you and am blessed you are MY MOM.

Photos: David Schwartz Photography (no we're not related)

In the Schwartz household it started a little rough, but ended with a bang. Here goes nothing ...

Friday - I finally put two and two together and realized last week was Teacher's Appreciation Week, so I put my thinking cap on (and inspiration from Pinterest, I'm not gonna lie) and created these gems for Ryan's teachers. They were a hit and I saved myself from totally bi big and forgetting. Thanks Pinterest!
Filled with smarties, lifesavers, and chocolate!

"Thanks for making us all smarties, you're a lifesaver."
Pinterest took me to this link for the idea: http://b-inspiredmama.com/teacher-appreciation/ .  I created the tag myself on Microsoft Word.  The Dollar Tree had everything I needed to make this happen f.a.s.t!

Saturday -  Saturday started really rough for me. I have a jewelry armoire in my closet that is old and does not have wall brackets. It's not too heavy and tall but it can me for a little person. While I am in my closet, I usually let Ryan play around in the bottom drawer of my armoire where I have a few jewelry boxes. I walked out for 5 seconds (seriously) and I heard a scream. I ran in and found the armoire on top of Ryan. I quickly lifted it off of him and saw that his nose and mouth were bleeding. I was truly devastated and so mad at myself. I had total mom guilt. I knew better, and I should have never left that room. 

I cleaned up his nose and mouth. Fortunately, he had only cut his lip, but his nose was very swollen already. I just new he broke it. He didn't cry very long and I gave extra cuddles and snacks. Once he was finally calm, he went back to running around and I got to see that the swelling was staring to subside and he,fortunately, just bruised it. I can't tell you how much of a wake up call that was. A realization of just how quickly things can go bad with a toddler. Let's just say, since I can't bolt the armoire to the wall, that door is wired shut now. 

Ryan scored some new toys out of my mom guilt and I think he quickly forgave me though.   We went to Once Upon A Child and they had these practically new.  I couldn't resist!

After he forgave me and got tired of playing with his new toys, he decided to practice his driving skills. (Thank goodness I get to wait several more years until the real thing.)

Sunday - Russell went above and beyond and I am so thankful for how thoughtful he was. He got up with Ryan and shut my door so I could sleep in more. When I awoke to join them, Russell had made Ryan and I pancakes. There were flowers and a card waiting. Inside the card, was the most loving message I have ever read from him and it instantly made me cry. Along with it, was a certificate to get a spa day at a nearby salon. Let's just say, I immediately called and scheduled my spa day as soon as they opened. I can't wait for next Saturday to enjoy my massage, light lunch, and mani/pedi. Mama needs!  

Russ also fixed lunch, dinner, washed clothes, and cleaned the kitchen. He got some major brownie points from me!  

Then we played around the house and watched Ryan destroy everything in site. In order to prevent further damage, we took him out of the house and ran to Costco (where he pushed the cart up and down the store) and then drive downtown to go visit the brand new Bass Pro (which is the largest in the world).  Ryan loved the alligator pit and seeing the fish in the ponds inside. 

We topped off the weekend with a car solo.  Kid's got some major talent there, haha. I can admit, he gets his singing talent from me.  

Ryan passed out easy when it was time for bed and mama and daddy got to enjoy a movie on the couch and a glass of wine. 

It was a perfect weekend and a wonderful Mother's Day!  Russell has been on break from school for that last 2 weeks, so it's been nice to have him around all weekend for family fun. Now he starts more classes this week and is back on the road traveling for work, so it was a bittersweet weekend. 


How was your Mother's Day weekend?

What was your favorite part of your weekend?