Thinking Out Loud | Will I survive a road trip with my toddler?

Thursday, May 14, 2015

First, I want to give a shout out to Amanda @ RunningwithSpoons for the link up.

Its #thinkingoutloud Thursday!

In T-minus 1 week, my little family and I will be heading out the OBX (the Outer Banks in North Carolina) for our family vacation.  It will be Ryan's first time at the beach and our first real family vacation.  I already feel myself slowly starting to mentally check out so I need to reel it on in and pull myself together this last week of work :)

On another note, it will take us 15 hours to drive there.  Yes, you read it right....15 hours in the car with a toddler.  Hence why, this has been on my mind a ton and why I have dedicated my #thinkingoutloud Thursday to this.  Because I need some help!

We will be splitting the drive into 2 days, leaving Thursday night to get at least halfway while Ryan sleeps in the back.  That's all fine and good, but that still leaves us a good 7-8 hours in the car next Friday with a crazy toddler awake in the backseat.  

In the past, when we have done road trips with Ryan, he has not been mobile so he really slept the whole time.  Not the case now.  So while our trip used to be like this:

I am expecting it to be more like this:

And that is where YOU come in my friends.  This mom right here needs advice....all the advice I can get. 
  • Are there any toddler toys you recommend for road trips
  • Best toddler Disney movie?
  • Best entertainment ideas?
Any advice you can give, I will taketh!

Pinterest is has been a great friend, and I am trying to write down neat ideas.  Ideally, since next week will be busy with work, and Russell traveling, I am hoping to grab everything I need and be pretty much packed by the end of this weekend.  

Snack wise, I will be cutting up Halos, having bananas, Cheerios, Goldfish, etc. on hand for Ryan to snack on.  All are his favorites, so that will help.  

Entertainment wise, I am thinking about adding a new Disney movie to our iPad, bringing his favorite books, and his Melissa & Doug Wow Water books, but that will only get us so far.  

The more ideas you have for me, the merrier my little man will be.  

Shoot, I am also still pondering over all the beach essentials we will need!  (I will welcome ideas on that too.)  

It's crazy how you have a vacation coming up, but you are stressing over everything you need or think you need.  I need a vacation from my thoughts!

Friends, help a fellow mom blogger out!  I am ready for those ideas.  When we get back from the beach, I fully intend on sharing all of your amazing ideas and what did and did not work for us.

3...,2...,1... GO!


Toys or entertainment ideas for toddlers on road trips?

Toddler beach essentials?