Thinking Out Loud | DailyBurn thoughts and what's next

Thursday, May 7, 2015

First, I want to give a shout out to Amanda @ RunningwithSpoons for the link up.

Its #thinkingoutloud Thursday!

Over 60 days ago, I joined DailyBurn.  I had plateaued in my workout and wanted to try something new.  Plus, Bob Harper has a workout program through DailyBurn called Black Fire, so duh, I wanted to try it!  It was HIIT style, 60 days long, and no workout was over 30-min...score.  You all know how I love me some short workouts!  It is what I stand for, ha ha.  The shorter the better, the sweatier the better.

Well, now the 60 days are over and did I think Black Fire or DailyBurn was worth it?  You betcha!  Did I lose a lot of weight? Nah, but I didn't really have any to lose.  I am at my normal, pre-baby weight and I am back in all of my old clothes.  What I needed most, wasn't weight loss, but muscle gain.  I was still a little soft from having a baby and wanted to start building that again.  So, new question... Did I gain muscle?  You betcha!  I definitely could tell I leaned out and my butt got tighter and legs did too.  I also noticed my arms were definitely more toned and my husband noticed (you know how hard it is to get a husband to notice anything?).  The fit of my clothing was better and even a little more loose in the waist!

Black Fire was absolutely great.  The whole program kept your body guessing and you were drenched afterwards.  Best thing, yep, it was less than 30-min.  The program was set up for you to work five days a week, with two active recovery days.

So what's next for me?  Glad you asked.

I was looking into other DailyBurn programs but the rest ranged from 30-min to 1-hr workouts in each program.  I wanted something built like Black Fire but didn't really see it.  The other programs on there were great, but too long for my liking.  I need fast and effective so I can get outta dodge and enjoy a little quiet time in my evenings too.  So I decided to put my monthly membership on hold and build my own workout plan.

I missed doing my at-home Pure Barre DVDs and missed my HIIT treadmill workouts, so I decided to combine the two with some Crossfit inspired body weight exercises.  I went through my notebook I have and pulled out all of my favorite treadmill and Crossfit inspired workouts.  Then, I created a workout calendar to print out and have at home and at work.

**Side note: Do you have a notebook where you write some of your favorite workouts?  I totally do, and it is filled!  I love just skimming through it and seeing what I want to do that day.  Always keeps my body guessing and never gets me bored.

I am a true believer in scheduling my workouts, it holds me accountable.  By having a copy of my calendar at work and at home, I have a constant reminder of my goal for the evening, and I am more likely to get my workout in, because I have scheduled it in.  Here is my May workout plan:

 (You too, can make a workout calendar on

On the calendar, the tabata workout is where I will pick one of my favorite body weight workouts to do.  I have a notebook full of them, so I am sure that I won't hit a plateau for a while.  (I will share some of my favorites with you soon!)

I am looking forward to the switch up and I will probably keep this routine for 60 days before I rethink/rework the workouts.

OH! And before I forget... I totally bombed, and forgot it is Teacher Appreciation Week and have not gotten anything for Ryan's daycare teachers!  Do you have any quick ideas????  I have 1 more day me!


Do you have a favorite workout routine?

How often do you switch up your workouts?

Do you have any you think I should try?

Do you create a workout calendar, if not, how do you hold yourself accountable?