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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

It has been a while since I have done a post on some of Ryan's favorites, so I figured it was time to highlight his all-time favorite bath toys.  Granted, he is almost 17 months old, so they aren't water guns or anything, but he really loves the toys he has.  They keep him entertained and help distract him when it is time to do the shampoo rinse.

Ryan used to never be bothered if he got water in his eyes, but lately, he has changed his mind, and it is the end-all, be-all of his bath time.  Several of his toys have distracted him so that he doesn't think about it if I get water in his eyes during his shampoo rinse, but there are the days where you think World War III has just started.  He screams, kicks, cries, throws toys, you name it, he does it.  Below are some of his favorite toys that have helped us calm him or distract him.

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B. Fish and Splish Boat by B. Toys - Around the time Ryan turned 1, he was very bored with his baby bath toys.  You know, the soft chewy/squeaky rubber ducky?  A friend suggested the B. Fish and Splish Boat, so I bought it as a birthday present.  It has not disappointed.  The best part, is that there are so many toys that it comes with.  There are three stacking cups, multiple fish, a boat, captain, and fishing rod that you can practice catching the fish with.  Ryan loves stacking the cups and dumping the boat and then putting everything back in.  He hasn't quite understood the concept of using the fishing rod to catch the fish, but he laughs watching me do it.

Barnyard Bath by Sandra Boynton -  This is a new addition to our bath toys and it has quickly become a fan favorite.  Ryan is obsessed with books and always tries to bring his board books in the bath with him.  Sandra Boynton is one of our favorites and Ryan loves her books.  The best part about this book is that it FLOATS in the water!  It also teaches Ryan to take a washcloth and wash the animals on each page.  He loves taking his washcloth to practice washing and I use the book to my advantage too.  It's a great distraction to lift high in the air and make Ryan look up as I am rinsing his shampoo.  No water in his eyes = happy toddler and happy momma.  (I'm not kidding about World War III.)

Tug Boat by Green Toys - Ryan is big into boats right now, so he pulls out this boat a lot to "bang" into the B. Fish and Splish Boat.  (Oh boys.)  I like it because it fills with water and has a spout so you can pour water out of it.  

Fish in a Tub by Alex Toys - Fish in a Tub is also a new addition but Ryan cracks up over it.  It winds up and when you let it loose, it swims all over the tub.  He loves watching it swim and just giggles nonstop.  

Shampoo Rinser by Munchkin - This has saved me several times from World War III.  It has a soft and flexible rim so that it holds to Ryan's head as I pour water so that the water flows away from the face.  Granted, Ryan still has to look up and that is the thing that makes this not always work for us.  Ryan will look up but then get distracted by a toy right as I pour the water and then we all know what happens next.  I usually pair this rinser with the bath book as the ultimate way to distract Ryan.  As I lift the book to read and Ryan looks up, I use the rinser and never get the water in his eyes.  I listed this as a favorite toy for Ryan because he loves taking it and scooping and pouring water and then taking his stacking cups and stacking them in there.  He is in a big stacking and building phase right now.


Now while we have found toys and bath tools that work for us, I just wish I could find a way for him to allow me to brush his teeth without a mad breakdown.  Does anyone have a toy or routine that works for that?  I have tried the banana silicone toothbrush and a regular toddler extra soft bristle toothbrush that has Mickey Mouse on it and he still clamps up and thinks I am trying to poison him.  You have suggestions on how to make it fun/work?

Help a mother out!


What are some favorite bath toys your child likes?

Got a teeth brushing routine that might help me?