Ryan Perry Schwartz Thinks He is Superman

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

You heard it first folks, I birthed Superman.  At least that is what my toddler thinks.  The only thing missing from his invincible ego is his spandex and cape.  Anyone have some I can borrow?

I guess after surviving the armoire fall (missed it? read here), Ryan has determined that he is either Superman, or has 9 lives like a cat. (Or both.)

When I arrived to pick up Ryan from daycare yesterday, I was told there was an "accident report" that I needed to fill out.  Simply put: your son fell, bumped his head, got scratched or something, and you need to acknowledge we told you about it.

I did not think anything of it.  I actually have to sign one of these accident acknowledgement forms at least once a week because Ryan is big into trying to run and then stumbles and bumps his head.

When I walked into class, he greeted me with a big smile, squeal, and then hug.  There were no new bruises present.  (He already had a few from this past weekend.)  Then I was presented the story.

She started with, "You're son thought he was Superman...."  Great.  I just knew how this was going to go...

Apparently, during outside play time, Ryan was living it up sliding down the slide.  (It's his all-time favorite outdoor play equipment.)  Then, he decided to switch things up...  He stood at the top of the slide, waved to everyone and said "bye bye" and then successfully attempted to RUN down the slide with a huge smile on his face.  Halfway down, he must have realized it was going to end bad, because it was only then, that apparently his eyes went wide and then face planted at the bottom.

He got up, shook it off, smiled, no tears, and then tried to walk up the slide.  My kid.  The Superman toddler with 9 lives.

It was, only then, that it occurred to me that I was glad we were paying an arm and a leg to have the the highest level of medical coverage available with my husband's employer, because we will need it.

From the weekend - the start of his Superman ego.
This is the look of a kid who knows he is about to get in trouble.

If Ryan keeps this up, I am putting him in a padded room!


Has your toddler ever done anything crazy?

How have you handled it?