Friday Favorites: 5/15/15

Friday, May 15, 2015

Thanks to Katie and Heather for the link-up!
Happy Friday!  Woohoo!

I am less than a week away from having my toes in the sand at a beach with my little family.  I could just jump for joy.

There is a lot to celebrate starting next week in our home.  On the 19th, Russell and I will celebrate our 3-year anniversary and on the 29th, Russell turns the big 3-0!  I think I am way more excited about his birthday than mine (my birthday is 6/15).

I think it is only appropriate that we end this week with a bang and I highlight some of my favorites from the week:

Yasso Greek Yogurt Bars

Costco had a nice big ol' box of Yasso Mint Chocolate Chip Greek Yogurt Bars in the freezer section with my name written all over it.  And they did not disappoint.  They are 100 calories and so delicious!  I do not feel guilty indulging in these sometimes every single night.

Right before it ended up in my belly.


I love visiting the Simply Organized website and getting the best ideas.  Granted, I never end up doing them, but these 2 images that I found this week will definitely be soon!

How genius is this!?  

Russell's shoes are taking over my garage, this is the BEST solution!


If you haven't visited Natalie's blog The Busy Budgeting Mama, you are missing out.  I was catching up on her blog this week and she posted a solution to a much needed issue I have had.  I have SO MANY videos on my iPhone of Ryan that I really need to do something with.  I mean pronto!  Our computer is a dinosaur and ready to bite the dust any day, so I am afraid to upload and try to burn them to a DVD myself.  (Thank goodness all of my photos and videos are backed up to my external hard drive.) 

Well Natalie posted a solution to my nightmare.  There is a new app out called QuickFlics that you can download that will allow you to take all of your videos from your phone and have them sent to you on a jump drive or on a DVD!  Hallelujah! According to Natalie, Once you download the app, you choose your media (flash drive or DVD).  Choose your plan: 8.99/monthly auto bill plan. You can start, pause, resume, or cancel your service anytime. $11.99/single one-time purchase. There’s no commitment, ever.  Then you get it in the mail within 1 week.  Visit her site to get a code for you to try it free (you just cover the shipping).

You can count on it that I will be putting it to use starting NOW.  

Ryan Schwartz

Every night after dinner, we work with Ryan on saying "all done" to let us know he is finished.  Well last night he was geeking out and thought it was super funny and then tried to say it too!  I shot a video of it and of course I am going to share it with you.  I just love this stage where everything is funny and he is trying so hard to really communicate using his words.

And that's that.  My favorites of the week.  I hope you have a fantastic weekend!  I get to indulge in my Mother's Day gift this weekend.  A 3hr spa package that includes a light lunch, massage, mani, and pedi.  I am going to come back Monday soooo refreshed with brightly painted toes ready for the beach.

See you on the flip side!


What were some of your favorites from the week?

What are you doing this weekend?