A Quiet Toddler Makes You Worry

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

If you have a toddler, then you have to know this feeling:  Your child is running around the house like a monster while you are busy trying to tidy up the house, then you notice there is no noise and you think, "Man, it's quiet..." and BOOM you instantly start searching for your kid, knowing he has either broken something in the house or is messing it up very badly.

Ever experience that?

I had that moment last night.  Ryan was in rare form when I picked him up from daycare.  He got home and decided he wanted me to hold him and never let go.  That made it very difficult to fix dinner, so I bargained with him and gave him some treats while I heated up his meal.  Yes, I was that mom who fed her kid an Oreo (or two) before his dinner.  ** Hey, you try and heat a meal, use the bathroom, or anything else while a child is fused to your hip....you'll do anything for free hands to make their dinner.

Fortunately, that did the trick and after Ryan ate his dinner he had an abundant amount of energy and wanted to run around the house.  He watched an episode of Mickey Mouse, he rearranged my kitchen chairs, he tried to eat the dog's food, and he pulled out the cling wrap from the pantry and unloaded the whole roll.  You name it, he did it.

He also managed to stuff food under his butt during dinner, so while he ran around the house, he left a trail of dinner droppings where he went.  I pulled out the vacuum and got to work trying to pick up these crumbs while Ryan continue to work his magic in the house.  Once I stopped, I noticed how quiet it was and how Ryan was no longer running circles.  Uh oh!

I start house hunting and stop in my tracks when I found him.  He was sitting in the middle of our kitchen with a book in his hand reading.  It was an instant heart melt.  My little boy and his books.  Here I was thinking knowing he had torn something up, but nope, he had split moment of calmness and decided to get some studying in.

Maybe I should give him more credit?  Nah, because after I caught him, he immediately stood up and what I thought was him coming in to give me a kiss, turned out to be him biting my nose and then laughing.  It reminds me of that Sour Patch commercial where "first their sour and then their sweet."

Oh little boys.


How do you handle a crazy toddler?

Ever think they are breaking something and find them doing something sweet?