Weekend Recap | Sunshine and Peeps

Monday, April 6, 2015

Hellooooo Monday!

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter surrounded by family and friends.  Ryan and I had an excellent mommy/son weekend and when Russell flew back in on Sunday, we had a great end to the weekend.
This post is going to be LOADED with cute Ryan pics and videos because we did have so much fun together.  So here is the recap:

Saturday - Ryan woke up in an excellent/happy mood.  We had been practicing repeating animal sounds the night before and he woke up "roaring" like a dinosaur.
Happy Toddler 

After we practiced our animal sounds, we ran errands all morning.  We stopped by Old Navy to grab him some cute swim trunks and some tee shirts.  They had an excellent sale going on and I am loving their spring toddler selection.  We also stopped by Once Upon A Child to sell back some of his old 18-mo clothes that no longer fit him.  (If you have never sold back your child's old clothes for some $$, check this out: http://www.onceuponachild.com/  , they may have a location close to you.)

To end our errands, we had a lunch date at Chick-fil-A and then Costco to pick up his new Step2 Sand and Water table for the back yard!

My hot lunch date
Ryan was wiped when we got back and while he napped, I put together his new sand/water table.  I bought the Step2 Water and Sand table from Costco because the price was excellent and came with the cute umbrella!   I also picked up a cute kid adirondack chair and small watering can that way I can put Ryan to work helping me water our flowers.
Our new toys!  Step 2 Sand and Water Table, baby adirondack chair, and baby watering can

When we woke from his nap, we immediately went outside to play, and boy did he love it.  He was also making sure Buddy never left his sight.  Too cute.  He loved splashing the water on the table and we are still working on not eating dirt.  Boy definitely took 3 handfuls of dirt and tried to eat it.

My heart.

He was wiped after all of that fun and fell fast asleep ready for Sunday church and the Easter Bunny.

Sunday - Ryan woke early and was a bit overwhelmed at first with his goodies the Easter Bunny left him.  The grandparents had all mailed him baskets of goodies too, so between his basket from the bunny, and his grandparents, the kid was set.

The Easter Bunny and grandparents loot.

The Easter Bunny came!

Hmmmm, whats in those eggs?

He discovered the eggs had some Peeps in them and he devoured his very first Peeps!  I may or may not have consumed a couple a ton while helping the Easter Bunny set up.  

This boy loves throwing and rolling balls.

New stunna shades.  

After he played with his new toys, we got ready in our Sunday best and went to church.  The service was wonderful and emotional.  That was my favvvvvorite part of the day.

His Easter outfit his Nannie gave him!

Bubbles and chicken sippy cup!  And Buddy creeping in the background.

Daddy arrived after church and the rest of the day was spent with all three of us together playing with Ryan's toys and loving on this little boy.


How was your weekend?

Do anything exciting?